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Indiana Limestone Handbook ILI Handbook and Technical Notes
For an in-depth look at Indiana limestone, be sure to download the ILI Handbook as a reference. The Indiana Limestone Institute also provides several technical notes on various subjects regarding the use of Indiana limestone.
Specifying Cut Indiana Limestone How To Specify Cut Limestone
The use of a performance specification implies the need for expertise beyond that which typically exists in the office of the designer or specifying authority. In the case of stone cladding, such an expert is an experienced skin-and-connection design engineer. Specifiers should determine, based on preliminary designs, whether such skills are needed.
Indiana Limestone Sustainability Green Initiatives
Extracted with relative ease, Indiana Limestone is an outcrop formation adding little to the already low energy inputs of its workability. Cladding countless monumental buildings, Indiana Limestone withstands the test of time and when decommissioned, can be reused or returned harmlessly to the earth.
Indiana Limestone Company Finishes Worker Installation & Technical Guides
Indiana Limestone is a desirable choice for masons, installers, and contractors for residential, commercial, and institutional projects. If you need an installation detail not provided, please contact your Territory Sales Manager.