Test Results Reveal High SRI Ratings for Indiana Limestone Co. Products

Jan 03


Stone Can Qualify for LEED Points in Paving Projects

BLOOMINGTON, IND., 12/29/16 – New test results demonstrate the solar reflectance index of four prized products from Indiana Limestone Company. These SRI figures show that each of the products can earn LEED points for paving projects that incorporate the stone.

SRI measures the ability of a constructed surface to reflect solar heat. Designing with high-SRI materials like Indiana Limestone products is important because it can reduce the “heat island effect” commonly associated with urban areas. Highly concentrated building materials and pavement absorb the large amounts of the sun’s energy, get hot, and then warm the surrounding air. This warms the whole area, often creating a warmer micro-climate which leads to higher energy consumption.

The tests were carried out by CTL Group, Skokie, Ill. Solar reflectance was measured under ASTM C1549 and the SRI calculated according to ASTM E1980. The results, indicating the excellent performance of Indiana Limestone Company products in reflectance and SRI, are:

Indiana Limestone Standard Gray: Solar Reflectance 0.45, SRI 52
Indiana Limestone Standard Buff: Solar Reflectance 0.54, SRI 64
Indiana Limestone Silver Buff: Solar Reflectance 0.58, SRI 56
Indiana Limestone Full Color Blend: Solar Reflectance 0.47, SRI 54

LEED is a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council to evaluate buildings’ environmental performance. Paving material with a solar reflectance index (SRI) of at least 29 for a minimum of 50 percent of the site hardscape (including roads, sidewalks, courtyards, and parking lots) can earn one LEED point under Credit 7.1.

“Products from Indiana Limestone provide a simple and cost-effective design element in moving a project closer to the desired LEED certification,” said Stephen DiRafaelle, architectural sales representative for ILCO, “while at the same time adding the timeless beauty of natural stone to the landscape/hardscape site plan.”

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