One-Page OSHA Guide Sheets Describe Indiana Limestone’s Silica Safety Characteristics

Nov 09

Bloomington, Ind., Nov. 9, 2017 – The Indiana Limestone Company has prepared a series of guide sheets documenting that its products can be cut or milled without producing detectable levels of silica dust. The harmonized Safety Data Sheets, required under OSHA regulations, are available to stone fabricators and anyone else interested in stone milling safety.

The sheets, produced after testing was conducted in 2016, indicate that cutting and finishing operations for Indiana Limestone produce dust that does not contain detectable levels of silica. As such, the dust does not pose silica-related health hazards. As OSHA’s silica rule is now fully enforced, it’s important to know silica is not present in any color or grade of stone from Indiana Limestone Company’s Victor or Oolitic quarries.

“Health and safety is paramount in our operations,” said Duffe Elkins, Indiana Limestone Chief Operating Officer. “The lack of silica in Indiana Limestone was great news for our mills, fabricator partners and installers of our product.”

Information in the guide sheets is also applicable to Indiana Limestone Company’s own milling operations.

The Safety Data Sheets are available online at the website of Indiana Limestone Institute of America ( or in print from the company and its representatives. 
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