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Urban Hardscapes by Indiana Limestone boulders add a strong accent piece to any landscape design. They can be used to delineate spatial elements while providing a striking accent. Natural stone boulders can act as a statement piece for your next outdoor living project. The only limitation is your own creative vision.

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Natural Beauty

Genuine Indiana Limestone boulders offer an opportunity for material continuity in accents and designed elements. They not only look beautiful, but also stay cool to the touch in the hot summer sun.

Varied Sizes Available

Indiana Limestone boulders are unique and they come in a variety of sizes to fit your design needs, including small, medium, and large.


Urban Hardscapes by Indiana Limestone boulders offer a strong aesthetic option for landscape architecture because they complement so many different natural and man-made products.


Available Colors

Full Color Blend


Indiana Limestone boulders are unique in their color palette. Because each boulder is a unique piece from our quarries, we cannot guarantee any specific color array.

Packaging Info

Boulders are packaged on 48” X 48” pallets and come in small (70-249 lbs./pc.), medium (250-500 lbs./pc.), and large (501-750 lbs./pc.). They are secured with chicken wire at the top of the boulder itself.


Indiana Limestone boulders are natural stone from our quarries and vary as a natural material. While images are representative, we cannot guarantee that boulders feature weathering, moss elements, quarry drill marks, etc.