If you’re seeking a distinctive look for your patio design project, Urban Hardscapes by Indiana Limestone Pavers possess unmatched beauty and color. The light, welcoming appearance can be an excellent addition to your design vision. An advantage to our pavers is that, even in the hot summer sun, Indiana Limestone stays cool to the touch.

They offer the perfect accent to any landscaping design. Three paver patterns, HighpointModesto and Chesapeake can be derived from a mixed-SKU paver pallet. Keeping one standard pallet of product accommodates multiple consumer styles. They are available in natural full color blend and gray.

These three paver patterns are the newest addition to Indiana Limestone Company’s product line and coordinate with all of our other hardscape elements.





Natural Beauty

Genuine Indiana Limestone pavers not only look beautiful, but they also stay cool to the touch in the hot summer sun.

Cut To Size

Many patterns of our limestone pavers can be produced for you from our 11 standard sizes. These sizes range from 12″ x 12″ to 24″ x 36″ and are available in the natural full color range of Indiana Limestone.

Best-in-Class Quality

For nearly a century, Indiana Limestone Company has been the leading supplier of the world’s finest stone to architects. Indiana Limestone Company provides the widest range of sizes, colors, and grades for all of our products. You can depend on Indiana Limestone to meet your demands and time constraints with our best-in-class lead times.

Quick Turnaround

Indiana Limestone Company offers a quick turnaround on all of our products. It’s easy to in corporate genuine Indiana Limestone into your next landscape design.

Available Colors

Full Color Blend


A natural compilation of the full range of buff to medium gray shades with the same great subtle veining in a standard grade.
Standard Gray


Light to medium shades of gray with some veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.

Delivery, Storage, and Handling

  • Natural stone pavers will be supplied adequately packaged on pallets or timbers to keep finished stone clear of the ground.
  • Storage area should be a well-drained space, graveled or chipped for protection against mud splatters.
  • When using pry bars to move stone into place, use padding to protect the edges of the pavers.