Oheka Castle Hotel Estate

Using standard buff Indiana Limestone Company limestone, the Oheka Castle Hotel Estate in Huntington, NY has been undergoing renovations to the building and gardens for the past 23 years.

The Hotel and Estate, originally constructed in 1917, were in a dilapidated state and in need of repair when purchased by the current owner in 1983. Experts were brought in and they used archived pictures and other historical details to restore the buildings and grounds to their original, authentic state.

The restoration effort made extensive use of Indiana limestone in order to closely duplicate the original designer’s selection of Indiana limestone. Precast stone products were initially considered, but when the architect realized that authentic Indiana limestone would cost less than precast, the decision was easy. They were able to maintain the original design and integrity in the restoration at a cost that met the budget.

The installation of the reflecting pools was made much easier because of the long lengths provided by the fabricator. Accurate job-site measurements and precision fabrication created a quality reproduction of the original beauty and glamour. The Oheka Castle Estate is often recognized for its charming elegance and is the home of many lavish celebrity weddings and events.

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Location: Huntington, New York
Project Type: Commercial
Color: Standard Buff
Facade Type: Custom
Architect: The original architect was Delano & Aldrich. The original landscape architect was Olmstead Brothers, established by Frederick Law Olmsted. The current renovation architect is Roger Diller, AIA, of ArchCon Design, Ltd.