EXPAND YOUR MARKET with Indiana Limestone.

Expand your fabrication capabilities to include Indiana limestone and get a larger cut of the market.

Resources For Fabricators

Expand your Capabilities and Get a Larger Cut of the Market Today.

Indiana Limestone wants to continually provide you with knowledge and resources of a time-tested product that’s in high demand. Be sure to check out all of the resources we provide.

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Why Add Indiana Limestone


Adding Indiana limestone is very easy, as it can be cut using equipment you may already have. Not having to add pricey new machinery is always good for your bottom line!

Increase your bottom line

Adding Indiana limestone gains you instant access to the Indiana Limestone Fabricator Network. The network provides a referral system for projects all over the United States, which will mean big dividends for you!

Be innovative

Be the first in your market to add Indiana limestone. Our product stands the test of time and you have a shot at being ahead of your competition!

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Expanding your market with Indiana Limestone has never been easier!

It’s time you found out what many fabricators just like you already know. Indiana limestone is durable, long-lasting, and versatile, and means big things for your space in the market.

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